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Sharing what we’ve learned so far | Leaning Academy

Sharing what we’ve learned so far Journey of the LEANing Academy

We started building the LEANing Academy in January 2013. Since then we’ve explored what the Academy needed to be and do. We’ve gotten to know each other as a team. And then we tested our theories in a group experiment.

In the process we’ve discovered inspiring possibilities for more creative ways of learning. We share a passion to make Lean and Agile practices more fun and accessible to teams – both inside and outside the software development space. And the frontier is wide open to make this happen. So we’re sharing our experiences to get feedback from the wider Lean, Agile and Scrum communities.

Peter presented at the LeanKanban North America Conference in Chicago in April/May. You can view his presentation here.

This week some of us are presenting at the SUGSA (Scrum User Group of South Africa) event on Thursday 5 September in Cape Town.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about…


Journey of the LEANing Academy 

“The LEANing Academy was formed by a group of South African agile coaches and educators as a community-based effort to explore ways to address the “gap” between attending a basic Agile training course (e.g. CSM) and becoming a competent lean-agile coach or leader. We have just completed testing our first experimental MVP on 5 victims!

We will share the learning that has taken place during this experiment at two levels:

  • What we learned about the process and about ourselves during this journey
  • What this experiment has taught us about our vision for the LEANing Academy

In other words, we will share both single- and double-loop learning.

The reading experiment is a practical self- and peer-development technique that you can apply at nearly zero cost and with a modest amount of commitment and discipline

We’ll be updating attendees on where the LEANing Academy. We’re also very interested in feedback that will assist us in shaping our ongoing journey and for attendees to get engaged.

The presenters/participants are 

  • Louise Gardiner
  • Peter Hundermark
  • Sue Bramhall
  • Amy Bridge  (video)
  • David Campey (video)


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