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Join us for part II of the reading experiment | Leaning Academy

Join us for part II of the reading experiment

It meant a lot to us to share the “Journey of the LEANing Academy” with SUGSA members in September. Thank you to all those who attended and gave us valuable feedback!

Our presentation was the first public briefing on what the LEANing Academy is and what we learned from the first experiment in our beta phase.

The experiment was a small group reading exercise. Sound simple? It was – yet also very challenging and rewarding. As a group of four, we read the book “Coaching Agile Teams” by Lyssa Adkinsa great choice for anyone interested in Agile for teams.

Over two months, we read 1 or 2 chapters per week.We recorded our own personal reflections on each chapter in 5-10 minute video clips, which we uploaded for the others to watch. We then connected virtually every Monday morning for 30-60 minutes to discuss the chapters and our reflections in greater depth.

We knew that simple was a good place to start and we weren’t disappointed.

The model proved very effective for delving deeper into existing knowledge resources – such as successful books in this field – with the added benefit of group interaction. It could also be used to explore practical questions of interest.

The next step is to test and evolve the model with another group of volunteers. Thanks to the rich feedback we received and a healthy list of candidates, we’re launching part II through a face-to-face kick-off session in the open space style.

We’re getting together on Saturday morning, 2 November, at the Alphen Hotel in Cape Town.

Sound interesting? Something you’d like to try? Email to find out more.

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