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The LEANing Academy is a peer learning and mentoring platform to cultivate Lean-Agile Leaders in Africa. It responds to the need for sustained training and support for Lean-Agile professionals that goes beyond the traditional two or three-day courses.

The LEANing Academy recognises that this stuff is hard to do! Mastery requires persistence, a passion for bringing out the best in people, a respect for complexity, and a commitment to continuous improvement. It is a daunting task to do this alone or without sustained exposure to the fundamental tools and knowledge. The Academy aims to fill this learning gap.

The LEANing Academy is the creation of a small group of passionate practitioners with a shared vision to improve the performance of African businesses and the enthusiasm of the people who work in them.

Operating from Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, the Academy brings together a highly experienced group of trainers and facilitators specialising in the intersecting domains of Lean, Agile, Leadership, and Change Management.

Meet the team:

Peter Hundermark

Agile Transformation Consultant . Certified Scrum Coach and Trainer.
Cape Town, South Africa

Björn Holdt

Software Journeyman passionate about learning and growing myself and others. Björn has been building and breaking software applications ever since his father bought the family a Commodore 64.
Johannesburg, South Africa

Sue Bramhall

Solutionsonsite - Agile & Scrum Coaching, facilitating, helping you get the best from your most valuable resource, people!
Cape Town, South Africa

Amy Bridge

With a passion for marketing and a head for numbers, the daily operation of the LEANing Academy is my focus.
Cape Town, South Africa

David Campey

Software Developer, Business Owner, Agile Coach, in Africa for Africa. “Never waste a drop of talent.”
Cape Town, South Africa

Kevin Trethewey

Reason over Faith, Collaborating over Competing, Creating over Consuming, Achieving over Beating others.
Johannesburg, South Africa

Louise Gardiner

Interested in creative collaboration for sustainable teams, projects and cities. Unlearning ways of working and rediscovering how to play.
Cape Town, South Africa

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