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LEANing Academy
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Welcome to the LEANing Academy

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The first peer driven learning platform for Lean-Agile Leaders in Africa.
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Start your journey to leadership

Welcome to the LEANing Academy

…the first peer driven learning platform for Lean-Agile Leaders in Africa.

A new breed of professional is emerging to bring out the best in creative teams and businesses. Inspired by the principles of Lean and Agile, these leaders bring a deep understanding of how to unlock effectiveness at all levels of an organisation. They are skilled facilitators with the tools to enable change and add business value to any process.

Sound interesting? So how do Lean-Agile Leaders get made? And how can we help this happen more widely in Africa?

We asked ourselves these questions and have set out on a journey to design a mentoring platform for professionals who are

  • inspired by Lean-Agile principles
  • knowledgeable about their trade
  • drawn to peer learning as a route to achieve mastery




Engage with us

Are you or your organisation keen to get involved? We are creating the LEANing Academy by applying Lean-Agile principles as we go and we’re interested in your feedback.

Complete the form below to join our community and be part of the LEANing Academy beta phase. You will receive updates on new learning opportunities and invitations to share your ideas. Welcome on board!

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Measuring the benefits

Lean-Agile techniques unlock leadership and creativity and improve delivery.

Organisations can measure the impact of Lean-Agile Professionals by tracking improvements in

  • Rapid and cost-effective delivery
  • Reduction of waste and defects
  • Adaptability of teams
  • Higher trust and satisfaction levels among employees and customers


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